Below are some current projects we are working on and some future ones we hope to fulfill.

• Ensign to the Nations – Under One Cover

We have finally come to the point where we can fulfill Ogden’s vision. The complete book under one cover will be 4700 pages. This book will be nearly 3 inches thick, printed on bible paper and Smyth-sewn. One of the largest books ever printed. It is completely formatted, ready for print and we are looking for donations to help complete this project. CLICK HERE if you would like to donate. This is tax-deductible to a nonprofit organization called Independent Hall Ministry. Read below for the description.

• Building a Library

We are trying to obtain a building for a private collection of non-fiction informational books on sustainable living, religion, histories, etc.

• Obtaining land

This will be used to teach sustainable living skills, gardening, preparedness, and a location to teach and educate people on interesting subjects that would be found in Mother Earth News, Boyscouting, Herbal Medicine, Native American culture and ways.

• Community Brotherhood

Create a community service by teaching handyman skills. This will be done by organizing a brotherhood of men to help other people in their times of need. This will help the brotherhood will learn skills in carpentry, repair and maintenance of buildings, houses, cabins, etc. By men working together and sharing their skills with one another they will build a sense of friendship and a bond between them doing things that are productive and worth-while yet helping others.

• Community Sisterhood

Create a community service by teaching women valuable home and life skills that have been lost and forgotten, patterned after the skills our ancestors used. These things include things on a farm or that the pioneers used such as making cheese, butter, clothing, nutrition, cleaning, etc. Homemaking skills from the land to the home. These skills will teach independence from commercial ways.

• Reprint Lost Manuals

We have a long list of old life skills books that we are trying to make available.

• Reprint Lost Religious Books